Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is the world coming to?

So I found this dude's posting about an apartment he's wanting to lease in Vancouver, and bitching about why does it always get taken down?

This guy wonders why his posts keep getting deleted? Its nothing about his religion, its because he's an unethical landlord! You can't do all that shit he's saying he wants to do- you can't regulate who your tenent brings in to his/her apartment- when they pay rent it becomes their property and you (as landlord) cannot enter unannounced except in really rare instances like if they think there's something seriously wrong like a fire or something like that. And the fines he wants to instill on people for doing something like bringing a water bottle into the exercise yard (which he controls when you can use it?) that's insane.
I have so many problems with this guy's post, not even considering he's a born again christian who interprets the bible literally...Its like paying to live in prison!!

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